Trump and Clinton in Virtual Tie

Trump and Clinton in Virtual Tie
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19 September 2016
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Presidential candidates Donald Trump (Republican) and Hillary Clinton (Democrats) are nearly tied in for Florida''s electoral votes, a state that could tilt the scale next November.

Today Trump campaigns in Florida, a state he is forced to win if he wants to have a chance at beating Clinton.

Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate will be on Monday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, another key state, where a victory at the polls can facilitate her journey to the White House.

A New York Times Upshot/Siena College Research Institute poll released today indicates that both candidates are in a tie for the state of Florida, where Hillary has a 41 % support against Trump's 40 percent.

Meanwhile, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson has 9 percent of support and Green Party nominee Jill Stein follows with 2 percent.

The Democrat is seen favorably by 40 percent of possible voters and unfavorably by 53 percent , while Trump is seen favorably by 39 percent of pollsters and unfavorably by 55 percent

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