Ecuador Carries Out Activities for Fidel Castro’s 90th Birthday

Ecuador Carries Out Activities for Fidel Castro’s 90th Birthday
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2 August 2016
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Government institutions, groups of solidarity with Cuba and supporters of Fidel Castro''s legacy, are today arranging the final details of a program of activities planned this week to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Cuban historical leader, in Ecuador.

The celebrations will begin tomorrow with the discussion 'Fidel in Ecuador,' broadcast live on the National Assembly radio. Cuban journalist and former diplomat, Pedro Martinez Pirez, will be among the panelists taking part.

A photographic exhibition with images of Fidel Castro, courtesy of the Guayasamin Foundation, will be opened on Thursday, August 4th, at parliament's Jose Mejias Lequerica hall.

A talk on 'Fidel and his Legacy in Latin America' will be held the same day. Representatives of the ruling PAIS Alliance Movement and historians, Jorge Nuñez (member of the National Academies of History of Ecuador) and Tatiana Hidrovo (director of Ciudad Alfaro), are also involved.

This week's celebrations in tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution will also include a political-cultural gala at the Chapel of Man, on Friday, August 5. Officials of the Cuban embassy in Quito, the Guayasamin Foundation, the Jose Marti Institute and the Benjamin Carrion Cultural House, are among the guests.

Representatives of the Ecuadorian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, the PAIS Alliance Movement, the Ecuadorian Socialist Party and the Communist Party of Ecuador, the Eloy Alfaro Association of doctors trained in Cuba, the House of Peoples, diplomatic staff in Quito, and government and culture figures, will also participate

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