Cuba May Day will reaffirm revolutionary and anti-imperialist principles

Cuba May Day will reaffirm revolutionary and anti-imperialist principles
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4 April 2016
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Cuba May Day will reaffirm revolutionary and anti-imperialist principlesHAVANA, Cuba, Apr 1 (acn) Cuban workers will mark their international day on May 1 with a national celebration and marches reaffirming their revolutionary and anti-imperialist ideals and supporting the current social and economic transformations in the country.

Granma newspaper published on Friday the call on all workers by the Cuban Workers Confederation to celebrate May Day with the slogan "For Cuba: Unity and Commitment," including marches in all squares where participants will voice their support of the Revolution and their claim for the lifting of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade of their nation, the return to Cuba of the illegally occupied territory of Guantanamo by the US naval base.

The celebrations will also pay homage to Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro on his 90th birthday and will be the scenario to recognize labor collectives for their efforts, results and merits.

The event this year will take place shortly after the 7th Congress of Cuba´s Communist Party and in the context of the 55th anniversary of the victory over the 1961 US-led mercenary invasion of Bay of Pigs. Workers will also express their support of their sisters and brothers in other nations who fight for unity and social justice, the call stresses.

As to the ongoing process towards the normalization of US-Cuba relations, the call explains that workers see it as an astonishing victory of the unyielding will of the Cuban people, considering the opportunities this event brings in areas of bilateral interest.

The Cuban Workers Confederation finally says that May Day celebrations will be a strong message about the unbreakable unity of the Cuban people and workers around the construction and development of their revolution.

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