Miami-Scandal: Will Posada Carriles also be Judged?

Miami-Scandal: Will Posada Carriles also be Judged?
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16 July 2015
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What will happen with Posada Carriles admirers?  

Hot debated swirls around the case of an outlaw of Cuban origin who defends the most atrocious terrorist symbol on earth. It calls itself Islamic State (ISIS), when it’s not either of them.

Its fervent supporter is named Miguel Morán Díaz, but strikingly they call him Azizi al Hariri.

Which is the great interest that raises that situation among sectors of Miami and other places?

To what extent it renews - or not - the case of the continental terrorist Luis Posada Carriles who lives happily in that city for years.

Furthermore, closely related to this, what hint of blame falls on the enthusiastic admirers of Posada?

In order to answer that it would be necessary to make a brief synthesis of what happened in the last six months.

A New Herald journalist, Alfonso Chardy, informed this Monday that the case started by late January, when FBI agents discovered a Facebook profile where Morán Díaz called himself Azizi al Hariri.

According to Chardy, this sympathetic public of terrorism will be judged in that city the next July 27th.

Who will take this cause? The federal judge of the district Joan Lenard, the same that imposed brutal sanctions to Five Cuban antiterrorists.

Their names are well-known worldwide: Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando, and René.

Chardy commented now that when judge Lenard passes a sentence in the case of Morán Díaz, she will close a chapter that drew the attention of international media.

"An exam of the Facebook profile of Díaz revealed several articles related to ISIS, as well as a recent publication that shows him posing with a weapon", commented the journalist.

Also, reported the same source, he trusted one of his concealed men that with only one sniper he could set chaos in a city for seven days or more, "until they catch him".

About a month ago, on May 27, Morán Díaz was found guilty for possessing an illegal firearm, after "in 2005 he was caught with cocaine."

He is 46 years old, denied bail and judge Chris McAliley ordered to keep him incarcerated until trial because he is "a danger for the community."

The official also mentioned: his interest in the Islamic State, possession of a sophisticated rifle, intention of buying more weapons, their surveillance on a building of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as objective for a "possible terrorist attack."

In spite of everything, Alfonso Chardy commented, they didn't link him to any charge for terrorism.

His record, not being the same, reminds us of Luis Posada Carriles whose long criminal sheet can’t fit in simple journalistic articles.

Hence only 18 days away from the sabotage to a Cuba civil airplane in midflight, off the coasts of Barbados 73 people died, The New York Times said on October 24, 1976:

"The terrorists, who launched a wave of attacks in seven countries, during the last two years, were products or instruments of the CIA."

To support its argument, the Times pinned the cases of Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch Ávila who since their arrival in Miami in 1960 joined that espionage agency.

With these records, among many other in stock, the Venezuelan judge in charge, Delia Estava Moreno, passed an arrest warrant against Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch.

Proven accusations? Homicide, production and use of weapons of war and use of fake documents.

In late November 2010 there was a meeting of Cuban far-right members outside restaurant Versailles, in Miami.

Their agenda: to create a so-called Legal Fund Luis Posada Carriles to financially help the terrorist in his activities.

After that they orchestrated a large and noisy public homage in the streets of that Floridian city, something they repeated with Orlando Bosch Ávila.

Undoubtedly, the cases of Posada Carriles and Miguel Morán Díaz go hand in hand, although we must cross out a tiny difference.

The second one already has date for his trial, but the first has not, only his admirers support - until today – that infamous delay.

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