US-Backed Mercenaries Open Blog on Cuban Platform

US-Backed Mercenaries Open Blog on Cuban Platform
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23 March 2015
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Just a few days after its launch, Cuban blogging platform Reflejos has been contaminated by the counterrevolutionary propaganda from “independent” daily 14ymedio, which is directed by blogger Yoani Sanchez, who has decided to open a weblog on a platform that, according to its producers from the Computer Palace in Havana, should work as a mirror of the national reality and contribute to the necessary technological sovereignty for the sake of the computerization of society.

Without a doubt, the event qualifies as the first provocation carried out by Cuban mercenaries ahead of the Summit of the Americas, scheduled to take place in April, in Panama, where at the express wish the US government the limited Cuban “civil society” that responds to its interests will have an active participation.

In that case a leading role will be played by 14ymedio’s director, Yoani Sanchez, who acts as regional vice president of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA), an organization that –it’s no secret– after its founding in Havana in 1943 was placed very soon (1949) under the aegis of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), thanks to the efforts of two officers from that agency, Jules Dubois and Joshua Powers.    

But let’s leave past history aside. When you open the “weblog” of 14ymedio on “Reflejos” the first “post” that appears is a text written by Yoani Sanchez’s husband Reynaldo Escobar, former pro-government journalist in charge of publishing Interior Ministry (MININT)-related information in Juventud Rebelde newspaper. The subject? Elections in Cuba, issue in which, according to the proper U. S. Interests Section in Havana (USINT), Reynaldo Escobar proves to be an expert.

In a secret USINT report dated January 28, 2008 and released by Wikileaks in 2011, the then head of that diplomatic representation, Michael Pamly, effusively praised an investigation carried out by Reynaldo Escobar on Cuban elections.

According to Parmly, the report that Escobar sent to his office “provides an innovative analysis about the elections to the National Assembly on Sunday”.

escobar yoani
USINT's informant, Reynaldo Escobar along with his wife Yoani Sánchez, director of digital newspaper 14ymedio

In the opinion of the “confident” of the United States in Havana, Reynaldo Escobar, “the number of unsatisfied voters in that election may have been as high as 30 percent”.

In his encrypted cable, Michael Parmly also refers to the importance of the figures provided by the source (Escobar) and the influence he had on the conclusions of other “dissidents”.

If sending reports to the Interests Section of a foreign power is journalism, the IAPA, organization that has Yoani Sanchez as its vice president for Cuba, should take advantage of the meeting during the Summit of the Americas in Panama in April to change its statutes.

There’s no need to repeat again the role of Yoani Sanchez, that monster created by US intelligence services. According to the imperial perspective she and her team of “journalists” of 14ymedio play an important role in the so-called fourth-generation warfare (4GW) based on the use of new technologies. The task of these groups has so far been to serve as media mourners who encourage or justify sanctions or invasions against countries that U.S. does not like.

As an evidence of the faith that the current US administration has on its puppet (Yoani Sanchez), let’s recall that during her first trip to Havana, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roberta Jacobson, honored her with a visit to her home, where 14ymedio’s editorial office is located.

Roberta-Jacobson-mercenarios cubanos
Roberta Jacobson visits the editorial office of the mercenary newspaper 14ymedio

Jacobson declared that her visit to the mercenary was a way to support, “empower” Cuban “civil society” with an eye on the resumption of Cuba-U.S. relations.

While announcing this last provocation, “journalist” Luz Escobar (relative of the USINT’s informant?) in 14ymedio, she assures that: “In the coming days we will test whether the new blogging platform is as plural as advertised or it is another simple mirror of the official discourse”.

As I am not a fortune-teller, I cannot predict the topics or the variety of approaches to be dealt with by Cuban bloggers on Reflejos platform, recently launched by the Youth Computer Club on the island, but what I am really sure is that it won’t be a reflection of the editorial policy that US government issues for its spokespeople in Cuba.

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