Demonstrations around the World on International Anti-Chevron Day

Demonstrations around the World on International Anti-Chevron Day
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21 May 2014
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The global day of actions to protest against the shoddy environmental practices of the U.S. oil giant came from several communities that have suffered the negative impacts of Chevron's oil operations in five different nations: Ecuador, Argentina, Nigeria, Romania and the United States.

"This is a critical step in the global effort to hold Chevron accountable for its human rights abuses around the world," said Paul Paz y Miño, Online Director at the environmental group Amazon Watch, which has worked closely with the Ecuadorian rainforest communities that recently won a $9.5 billion court judgment against the company.

A statement issued by the affected communities, outlines a partial list of Chevron's human rights and environmental violations and puts out a call for international solidarity for those seeking some kind of reparation for Chevron's environmental harm.

They stressed that until Chevron complies with its legal obligations, the affected communities will be calling on all citizens and governments around the world not to purchase any products with the Chevron brand or brands owned by Chevron subsidiaries, including Texaco.

"The purpose of this citizens' initiative is to provide a public platform of increased visibility to allow those who suffer or have suffered at the hands of Chevron to raise their voices and be heard around the world," said Humberto Piaguaje indigenous leader from the Siekopai community of Ecuador, and coordinator of the Union of People Affected by Texaco Petroleum Operations, one of the organizations that called the protest action.

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