Yass Beltrán Assures that Daniela's Boyfriend Will Surprise Us All

Yass Beltrán Assures that Daniela's Boyfriend Will Surprise Us All
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29 September 2023
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The young actor Yass Beltrán has earned with talent and dedication a space in the hearts of the public and in our homes, he has entered through the magic of television, embodying different characters.

Let's start with your namesake Yasmany, the one from the current soap opera "El derecho de soñar." How did you get to the character?

I just got to the character of Yasmany, my namesake, like you say, after five days of casting. An actor was needed who had physical characteristics like mine or similar and, based on that, I projected myself. Luberta and his assistant directors called me, because they wanted to work with me, but there were tests I needed to pass first, which is the standard procedure, the logical thing, then, from there, they created pairs so actors could be selected. I started casting with Osmara, the girl who plays Jessica in the soap opera, but I went through casting five times with various actresses, I was the constant, it seemed they like what I was doing and, finally, I was left among men and Yeka was left among women, we affectionately call that to Jessica Aguilar.
Are you always going to be so patient with Daniela? Are new facets of Yasmany going to surprise us?

I can't tell you anything about the evolution of the character based on the story, but the character does surprise, he goes through a series of events and adventures that enrich him and, in the end, a very beautiful message arrives, that was the goal. Since the first moment, it’s the objective of the soap opera: to transmit a message and that all the processes characters go through are meaningful to the story and to society when you watch the soap opera.

We had previously seen you in Asuntos pendientes with a character that turned out to be very cute and loved by the audience. What did Diego leave you in your career as an actor and as a human being?

"Diego gave me the chance to work with Tamara and Felo, who are two people I admire a lot, but above all, it gave me the opportunity to change a little the image of the policeman that I represent in Tras la Huella and, at the same time, to play a character as beautiful as Diego. In addition, I met excellent artists I have admired for a long time, the possibility of working with Flora, which evolved into friendship, brotherhood, that has continued to this day." .
We can't miss Tras la Huella. Have any of these soap opera characters managed to win over Michel in the people's imagination? How do people call you more on the street?

"It's incredible how each television program has its audience, on the street many people shout at me Michel, but they either call me Diego or Yasmany. Now, there’s a female audience that, incredibly, has become fixated on Michel. Women find it "I like that character, so they know me as "the mulatto from Tras la Huella" or Michel. The important thing is that people recognize you for your work and that is the greatest gift an artist can have."

In the last season of the detective series we saw officers look much more human, with greater features. Can we expect Michel and his companions to continue growing in terms of the psychology of the characters for future episodes?

"Work is being done in this sense by the Tras la Huella scriptwriting team and, from now on, you will see more human characters, characterized based on kindness and the true possibility of recognizing men and women of flesh and blood, who play a role in society like police officers.

A friend recently told me that you "look like a new leading man on Cuban television, and we need it," that was her exact words. What do you think about that?

"The term pretty boy is a category that lately has been given by the public, especially the female audience, because in Cuba it has been lost to create characters, by scriptwriters, who are pretty boys, they talk about leading man, co-leading man, but we don't talk about a pretty boy, because on television and in the movies we suffer from the typical pretty boy who had to meet certain requirements. I believe that in Cuba there are actors who meet those requirements and, well, if a friend says so that makes me feel proud. We are working on the basis that the public likes my characters and that the public likes the image I project, and the term pretty boy... well... whatever. I make a lot of effort to try to have a good image and make my characters likeable, and the rest depends on the public and their acceptance."

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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