XIII National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba begins in Aragua

XIII National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba begins in Aragua
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3 March 2024
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More than 100 national visitors and representatives from nine countries, fourteen Venezuelan States, and Cuban collaborators who provide their services in this region reaffirm from this date the love of their support and affection for the Cuban people, in addition to criticizing the effects of the blockade and coercive measures of the Empire against both countries.

The inauguration was presided over by the Ambassador of the island of Bolivarian land, Dagoberto Rodríguez Barrera, the Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Antonio Guerrero, the Director of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples for Latin America and the Caribbean, Lilia Zamora, and the specialist of ICAP for Venezuela, Yara Valera.

The welcoming words were given by Yhonny García Calles, Coordinator of the National Movement of Friendship and Mutual Solidarity Venezuela-Cuba, who said that he was very proud of the meeting that reaffirmed that Cuba is not alone and agreed with the decision to continue to fight for oneself. -determination of the Greater Antilles and for reasonable causes in the world.

“The slogan of unity and resistance guides this event, which is also a tribute to Commander Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez. Cuba continues to be accompanied by the people of the world,” he insisted.

Friends of solidarity from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Barbados, Honduras, Curacao, Puerto Rico, and Panama participated in the meeting, as well as Cuba, the country where the competition is dedicated, and Venezuela as the host country.

In fact, Fernando González Llort, one of the Five Cuban Heroes and President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, thanked the meeting of friends from the area and pointed out that “the Cubans will not stop and will continue to resist. and work to consolidate the Cuban revolution, we know that in that war we will rely on the unity of you, Bolivarian brothers. We wish you success, and we are waiting for you in the Third Flight of Solidarity in Venezuela-Cuba.”

Also, the Governor of the State of Aragua, Karina Carpio, greeted the participants and said that Cuba and Venezuela are and will always be two brotherly countries.

“Thank you for showing us your courage, your courage, and your integrity; there is a path that awaits us. May the State of Aragua be a show of love, and may we be the protagonists of this page of history that bears the stamp of love, hope, and unity,” he said.

For his part, the Cuban Ambassador recognized the importance of the meeting, which sets standards for loving relations between our countries.

Regarding this, he stated: “That same Bolivarian and Martí spirit characterizes the work of the solidarity movement, which determines the continuation of progress amid the effects of the blockade. We appreciate the constant show of solidarity with Venezuela in these 20 years. Without you, friends of the world, it will be more difficult for our people to resist and overcome the obstacles of the aggressive policy of the United States, Our revolutions are a lighthouse and a guide for the people of Latin America and the Caribbean. ”

Like other important moments of the event, Willian Castillo, Vice Minister of Anti-Blockade, gave the keynote lecture, “Economic, commercial, and financial blockades, sanctions, and unilateral coercive measures as forms of imperial aggression.”

Other themes qualify the analysis: “Bolívar and Martí, Fidel and Chávez, precursors of anti-imperialism in the struggles for the freedom of the people of Latin America,” “youth as a protagonist of unity,” “communication as an imperial weapon of aggression against independence and sovereignty,” while celebrating the twenty-year solidarity movement with Cuba in Venezuela.

The XIII Solidarity Meeting will end this Sunday at the historic Bolívar sugar mill, the former hacienda of the Liberator’s family, and a historical monument, where the final declaration of the movement will be read.

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