Workers' Party of Belgium praises Cuban Revolution's example

Workers' Party of Belgium praises Cuban Revolution's example
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2 January 2021
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The president of the Workers' Party of Belgium, Peter Mertens, on Saturday described the Cuban Revolution as an example and inspiration, and sent a fraternal greeting to the Cuban people on the 62nd anniversary of its triumph.

In a message, the also member of the House of Representatives assured that Cuba shows its example every day, despite the US blockade, which he denounced for its cruelty and unfair nature.

Mertens acknowledged Cuba's solidarity in Covid-19 times by the presence of thousands of healthcare professionals in dozens of countries on several continents affected by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Western Europe lived for the first time the experience of Cuban internationalism in the midst of a health crisis, as well as the value and superiority of the preventive health practiced by Cuba, he affirmed.

The President of the Workers' Party of Belgium celebrated Cuba's human vision and solidarity and the fact that the country shares it with the world.

'Thank you for your example and the Cuban people and government continue to have our support,' Mertens underscored.


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