Who Were Those Present on the Rally of May 1st in Cuba?

Who Were Those Present on the Rally of May 1st in Cuba?
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3 May 2022
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After two years without a massive rally due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this May 1st, the traditional march for International Workers' Day was held in Cuba.


What motives had some of those who attended? What importance do participants give to this socio-political event in today's Cuba? CubaSí spoke with several young people about these elements.


Daniel Burgos Rodríguez, first year journalism student


On the one hand, the May 1st is always an interesting occasion. In our current political and social context, it constitutes a stage where opinions are expressed en masse.


This wasn’t my first time; I had attended before with my family. But, undoubtedly, going to the University of Havana (UH) was different, more authentic: a chance to be closer to the guys from the faculty and the entire UH; to get to know each other and feel this institution as home. There was also the evening at the UH. We were there from 11:00 p.m. of April 30th. This added a more festive character to the celebration.


Anaclara León Pérez, member of Nuestra América Project


I came with the Nuestra América project, a Cuban project with an internationalist and Latin Americanist soul ─with a socialist commitment─ in defense of all the people who suffer from exploitation and oppression. We carry our own slogans, and people joined in. The slogan that connected the most was "with Fidel and the Revolution... until Malecon dries up."


It was an act of celebration and vindication. It seemed as if people had kept the desire for the rally and conga for two years. There were people of all ages and from various economic sectors. There were children, elders, health workers, education, the ministries, the FEU... Also, people who did not belong to any specific bloc or sector and you could tell that their main driving force was political conviction.


It was a slap in the face, a way to show that we continue to fill the Plaza. The promoters of hostile policies towards Cuba must have been hurt by the fact that we continue to support the government, that the construction of a better country is possible with everyone’s participation and for the common good and social justice.


I attended because I’m Cuban, communist, and feminist; and my place is next to the people and the workers. The youth of this country has been very marked by the economic crisis, which has caused a crisis in all senses. Despite everything, there were many young people at Plaza de la Revolución, and with great enthusiasm! Because crises also create families of active militancy.


Xian Fong Zamora, president of the People's Court of Arroyo Naranjo


He participated in rallies since a very young age. When he was barely four or five years old, he was riding on the shoulders of my parents, who taught me the love of decent work.


As a professional in the Cuban justice system, I had many reasons to participate in this massive rally: from expressing my unrestricted attachment to the cause of the Revolution and its historic generation, to making it clear that Cuba also has strong judicial support that defends the State of Law and Social Justice that our Magna Carta raised in 2019.


The country is going through very complex moments in this last period, marked firstly by the impact of the pandemic, and also the extreme resurgence of policies to suffocate the Revolution derived from the blockade imposed for more than 60 years ago by the government of the U.S.


Despite this, Cuba lives, works and advances. This day has a greater meaning: the support of the people for the social project was more than evident, despite the discredit campaigns; Well, there, steady with the historical generation and continuity, we were, are and will be.


Abraham Reyes Conde, third year Physical Culture student


What a great day! It’s always impressive to rally on May 1st and see friends, and a people united and smiling, walking with their hearts. The reaction of the young people was impressive: it was as if the slogans and the pride of marching recharged their energies.


We were brisk walkers on Paseo Street. Arriving at the great Plaza, the presence of our Army General was felt, who is still standing, marching and inviting us to keep prevailing.


It’s necessary to live these experiences to remain even more committed to the homeland, to Cuba, and to our people.

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