WHO seeks new warning mechanisms against future pandemics

WHO seeks new warning mechanisms against future pandemics
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6 October 2020
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Geneva, Oct 6 (Prensa Latina) The World Health Organization (WHO) considered on Tuesday the need for alert mechanisms different from those used for Covid-19, in the face of future pandemics to motivate effective public health measures.
According to a preliminary report by the Independent Advisory Committee of the WHO Emergency Program, which analyzes the first four months of the disease's behavior, the world did not take seriously the international emergency declaration by Covid-19 issued by on January 30, 2020.

The British doctor Felicity Harvey, who leads this committee, stated in the presentation of the document that in case of doubts about whether this type of notification is sufficient, other means must be used to generate faster responses.

However, the report, which will be updated in November, concludes that the WHO has shown leadership with significant progress in the fight against Covid-19, taking into account the new nature of the virus and the unknown factors associated with it.

Harvey said that the politicization of the pandemic in many cases has been an obstacle to defeating the virus, and the general level of data provided by national health networks on cases of contagion needs to improve.

In that regard, she deemed that the WHO cannot defeat the novel coronavirus without the unified support of the member countries in the next phases of the pandemic, and pointed out that this situation has strengthened the leadership of that agency within the United Nations system.

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