We’re Going Hard and With Them Making Way

We’re Going Hard and With Them Making Way
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5 April 2022
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Young Cubans are also that creative resistance that is part of this town. Therefore, on this 60th anniversary of the Young Communists League (UJC for its acronym in Spanish) and the 61st anniversary of the José Martí Pioneers Organization (OPJM), they receive the everyday hug contained in a much larger one, the hug of trust.


"We have to trust them" President Díaz-Canel highlighted after sharing yesterday with young people at a volunteer work on the eve of the anniversary, and there are plenty of reasons to assure it: because there were the young Cubans stepping forward on the most complexes situations of the pandemic, farming and in factories, teaching, observing through a microscope, and keying on a laptop, doing science and building Cuba.


No wonder, the Cuban president reflected: "All of us who lead must ask ourselves what spaces of participation are we giving to the population, and inside it, what space are young people having? That keeps things updated, revitalizes all processes, and is part of the creative resistance we need, knowing that the blockade will continue to intensify and that the current U.S. administration will not have a political will for a different situation.


Wherever this Island thrives and grows, it does next to its youth who have become strong columns in these times of dedication and intelligence, where science and innovation stand as pillars to continue building this task in which "We’re going hard!"

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