Vote for Cuba

Vote for Cuba
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25 March 2023
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The campaigns to discourage voting in the next general elections are added to the permanent attempts to discredit the Cuban political and social system by the most rancid counterrevolution. Supported by the arsenal of sanctions and by the iron economic and commercial blockade imposed by the United States government, boosted by the propaganda avalanche generated in Miami and other epicenters of the anti-Cuban industry, the promoters of #YoNoVoto intend to impose the narrative of a people that completely ignores or rejects the institutional framework of the nation.

Taking advantage of the logical inconvenience, needs, and demands of the citizenry in the face of the current economic crisis the country faces, they try to channel this discomfort into a confrontation with government management, which is consistent with their destabilization plans. They don't want to solve problems. They want to heighten them. They long for and seek chaos. They look for a scene of violence.

A hypothetical majority abstention in the elections would serve as a flag: socialism has failed, the people do not support it, it’s time to restore capitalism.

The equation, of course, is much more complex. Some pretend to ignore the exhausting unconventional warfare to which an entire country is subjected from hegemonic and imperial centers. The crisis is universal, but aggressive policies from the United States strengthen it in Cuba. The logic remains the same: drown a people, put pressure on them from abroad to rise up against their government and their system.

The political and economic system in Cuba is not perfect, but only Cubans are responsible for its improvement. Only Cubans, assuming a permanent process of dialogue and search for consensus, are responsible for articulating an increasingly fair, supportive, and sustainable nation project, which achieves the prosperity of all to the detriment of no one.

Participation in this Sunday's elections does not mean irresponsibly granting power... it means committing deputies to the desires and needs of a people. It’s the exercise of a right that includes the possibility of demanding attention and responses from those who are elected.

The motto of the campaign of this democratic exercise is a declaration of principles: Better it’s possible. There are extraordinary reserves and capacities in Cuban society. Apathy and lack of motivation only help to consolidate stillness. Cuba must and can advance. And this Sunday will not only vote to shape the National Assembly of People's Power. They will vote for Cuba.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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