Venezuelans Make Mobilizations in Support of President Maduro

Venezuelans Make Mobilizations in Support of President Maduro
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6 June 2024
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On Wednesday, several Venezuelan cities were scenarios of mass mobilizations to support President Nicolas Maduro and reject the U.S. sanctions against the Bolivarian nation.

“In the Tuy Valleys, we toured Santa Teresa and Cartanal, noting that people are in the streets. This has been a wonderful day,” he said from the state of Miranda.

Maduro also emphasized that the Venezuelan people have made significant efforts to resist with courage and creativity during the “tough and difficult years.” In response to the far-right’s attempts to seize power, the Bolivarian leader reminded the people of what is at stake.

“Do you want to be a free country or a colony? Do you want an oligarch president or a people’s president? Do you want to be slaves or free people? Do you want a weak and easy-to-manipulate president or a firm and strong president?” he asked.
President Nicolas Maduro’s text reads, “I am happy to share a wonderful moment with the girls and boys of the football clubs and with the popular power of Charallave, where I handed over the Siervo de Jesus Granados Stadium. We are fulfilling the needs of the youth in order to give continuity to the training and train the world champions of the future here. Let us move towards a powerful movement of children and young people dedicated to football.”

During his visit to the cities of Bolivar, San Felix, and Guayana, President Maduro highlighted that the population of the Bolivar state took to the streets to reject the fascist threat embodied by the oligarchy.

“A new awakening of the Christian, patriotic, and revolutionary consciousness of the Venezuelan people is happening! Long live Bolivar! Long live the Homeland!” he said.

In the Urdaneta municipality in the state of Miranda, the Maduro administration delivered improved public facilities such as the Lecumberry Integrated Rehabilitation Room and an integrated diagnostic center. These health facilities, which can serve up to 170 people daily, are available to 63 communities and cover 53,900 inhabitants.

“Young men and women, do not let them take away your right to the future! Only a united people guarantees the right to the future,” the Venezuelan President said at the reopening of the Guillermo Cova school, which will benefit 983 students in Cartanal, in the municipality of Independencia.

Another project inaugurated was the Siervo de Jesus Granados stadium in Charallave, which will be a venue for athletics and soccer in various categories.

On Wednesday, Maduro also approved 9,500 new loans for entrepreneurs linked to the Great Venezuela Woman Mission and the Great Venezuela Youth Mission.


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