Venezuelan Govt and Opposition Sign Second Partial Agreement

Venezuelan Govt and Opposition Sign Second Partial Agreement
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26 November 2022
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The Venezuelan government delegation signed this Saturday the second partial agreement for the protection of the Venezuelan people, with a sector of the opposition of the South American country in Mexico City, thus restarting the dialogue between the parties.

In a protocol ceremony at the Mexican Foreign Ministry headquarters, representatives of both delegations signed the document, which was previously read by the mediating representative of Norway, Dag Nylander, in the presence of Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, the host country.

This agreement stipulates, among other aspects, the cooperation between the Government and the opposition in a humanitarian spending plan, such as the repair of electricity grids or the payment of medical care projects using 2.7 billion dollars (approximately the same amount in euros) of funds currently frozen in international accounts due to U.S. sanctions.

"The rescued resources will go to strengthen the national public health system in equipment, infrastructure recovery, provision of supplies, vaccines and medicines (...) to expand and strengthen the electric power service, the attention to a significant part of the school infrastructure, and the attention to needs derived from the emergency caused by the torrential rains, as well as food support programs", as announced by the Venezuelan Government this week.

The Venezuelan delegation is led by the President of the National Assembly (NA), Jorge Rodríguez; the human rights defender and wife of diplomat Alex Saab, Camilla Fabri; the Minister of People's Power for Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez; and the deputy of the NA, Génesis Garbet.


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