Venezuelan Government's will for peace recognized in France

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Venezuelan Government's will for peace recognized in France
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25 September 2020
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Paris, Sep 25 (Prensa Latina) The leader of La France insoumise (LFI, Unsubmissive France), Luc Melenchon, on Friday recognized the Venezuelan Government's gesture of releasing prisoners, and criticized Europe's support for violent sectors within the South American country.
In his blog, the lawmaker from Bouches-du-Rhone questioned that the pardon granted by President Nicolas Maduro on August 31 to more than 100 'individuals of ill repute' did not receive due media attention, and took distance from the term of political prisoners given to some of those sentenced for committing violent acts.

It is not the first time that this happens with the Chavista Government in Venezuela, as in 2007, then President Hugo Chavez signed a decree to release the participants in the coup d'état in 2002, Melenchon recalled.

According to the lawmaker, the recent decision, as the one made by Chavez 13 years ago, resulted from the general interest in ironing out the differences in the framework of democratic institution, although the extreme right wing continues to bet on another scenario and hinders the parliamentary elections on December 16.

The politician condemned the European Union's subordination to the United States and its support for self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido.

They support Guaido, a coup promoter and corrupt politician linked to Colombian drug traffickers, as just a very small clique does so in Venezuela, because there, they are not willing to accompany the calls for a foreign invasion, a boycott against their own country with economic sanctions and the organization of sabotages.

According to Melenchon, that European stance could be a reason of mockery, but Emmanuel Macron recognizes Guaido as the Venezuelan president, 'in a terrible error to please Donald Trump'.

'His blind alignment with the United States leads our country to unsustainable political stances, which ridicule us in front of the eyes of the peoples of Latin America, who beyond the left or right wing do not accept any interference in their internal affairs,' Melenchon stressed.

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