Venezuela thanks Iran for his gesture of support

Venezuela thanks Iran for his gesture of support
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1 April 2024
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The Government of Venezuela thanked what it described as a gesture of brotherhood between Venezuela and Iran for their firm support to the presidential elections of July 28, it was reported here.

In a message on his X account, Foreign Minister Yván Gil wrote last night that Tehran joined “the rejection of US interference in the internal affairs” of Venezuelans.

“Venezuela thanks the important gesture of brotherhood between our countries and the unrestricted adherence to international law,” the foreign minister stressed.

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanaani, wrote on X on Sunday that the Islamic Republic expressed its “firm support” for the democratic process of elections and constitutional institutions in Venezuela and “rejects US interference in the internal affairs of this country”.

Iran considered that in order to respect the right to national sovereignty and the nations’ right to participate in the political process, “all countries should provide the necessary accompaniment and support for the legitimate and legal process” of elections in Venezuela.

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