Venezuela starts consultation to propose changes in Parliament

Venezuela starts consultation to propose changes in Parliament
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5 October 2020
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Caracas, Oct 5 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela on Monday started a national consultation, until October 20, to propose changes in the National Assembly (NA), prior to the elections on December 6.
The initiative aims to build a fair Parliament for the Venezuelan people, the Simon Bolivar Great Patriotic Pole (GPPSB) said when it presented the proposal.

According to the chief of the Dario Vivas National Campaign Command, Jorge Rodriguez, the consultation will take place in all possible media, respecting the biosafety measures to prevent the spreading and contagion of Covid-19.

We want to know what the Venezuelan people's expectations are, said the candidate, adding that in order to have a new Assembly, it is indispensable to listen to the main proposals from all sectors of society: students, women, entrepreneurs, workers, indigenous peoples and non-governmental organizations.

The parliamentary elections scheduled for early December will renovate the NA in contempt since 2016 for ignoring and challenging the other powers of the Venezuelan State.

Despite the extreme right wing's efforts to create a boycott, President Nicolas Maduro and top officials from the Government have repeated that nothing will stop the process, which will take place according to the Venezuelan Constitution.

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