Venezuela Guarantees Medicines to Fight Coronavirus

Venezuela Guarantees Medicines to Fight Coronavirus
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21 March 2020
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The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reinstated this Friday that the country has all the necessary medicines for the treatment required by the new Covid-19 coronavirus, thanks to the support given by the United Nations health system.

After the national social quarantine was decreed, the Venezuelan authorities have highlighted the importance of complying with this measure to prevent new cases of contagion in the territory, which so far has reported 42 infected people.

"We have the treatments, we have all the medicines we need for the treatments, we have enough, and we are ordering to acquire the raw material because the national pharmaceutical industry is capable of manufacturing the 24 medicines that are needed to face the coronavirus from now on, "said the president.

During a telephone contact with the Presidential Commission to attend to cases of the virus in the country, the head of state thanked the more than 9 million people who responded to the national survey to identify possible suspected cases, which will be dealt with in one day. The extensive screening will be done this weekend.

"We have the support of the World Health Organization, all the UN agencies and the Pan American Health Organization. Coordination with these organizations is close, daily, and with their recommendations, we have developed a protocol of care and curative treatments for all people with the coronavirus, "he said.

More help from Russia and Cuba

The Venezuelan head of government announced that they anticipate the arrival this Friday of 130 more Cuban doctors to join the Barrio Adentro Mission. This government program guarantees health care to the country's communities.

This new group of specialists will join the work carried out by the national government in the area of ​​prevention, care, and control of the Covid-19.

On the other hand, he notified that for the next week, they expect the arrival of a shipment of medical material from Russia to support the authorities' fight against the coronavirus.


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