US blockade against Cuba condemned in Trinidad and Tobago

US blockade against Cuba condemned in Trinidad and Tobago
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20 June 2021
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The Bridges of Love convoy brought together a representation of Cubans in in Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday to condemn the United States blockade, which they described as inhumane and genocidal.

Bearing signs, poems, drawings, images, audios, videos and two letters addressed to US President Joe Biden, the demonstrators used virtual platform to demand the lifting of that policy.

We all know this moment requires strength and determination, since in three days, the world will be heard again at the United Nations in its claim against the White House´s coercive measures, Cubans who joined the initiative said in a communiqué.

As for the UN General Assembly´s vote on a resolution in favor of an end to Washington´s blckade, 15 US cities and others from the rest of the world expressed their solidarity with Cuba.

In numbers, the blockade has cost Cuba over nine billion dollars from April 2019 to December 2020, but human damages, sufferings and shortages are incalculable, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez noted.

The Cuban Government assures that this unilateral policy is the main obstacle to national development and is a major violation of human rights.

Former US President Donald Trump set 243 measures against Cuba and they still remain unchanged despite the international community´s claims and statements during Joe Biden´s electoral campaign on the possibilities to reverse them.



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