The U.S. and its Crusade Against Cuban Science

The U.S. and its Crusade Against Cuban Science
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14 September 2021
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The slandering campaign of the United States against Cuba denies the results of the biotechnology industry and national science, a crusade heightened today when the country vaccinates its population against Covid-19.

For the prominent scientist Agustín Lage, advisor to the presidency of the BioCubaFarma business group, ignoring the island's positive pointers in this regard has been a tendency for years among the enemies of the Revolution.

For this reason, Lage urged to look for studies published by international entities, like the World Bank or the University of Oxford in England, on the results of the Caribbean nation in the confrontation against the Covid-19 compared to other countries.

Speaking to the television show Con filo on national television, the expert mentioned figures from the databases of those institutions that show a better response by Cuba to the pandemic, compared to the United States.

In addition, "our vaccine has results, which are also published, from clinical trials, which is why the regulatory authority gave authorization for (emergency) use," he said.

In the doctor's opinion, "it’s to be expected that they will try to deny these indicators, but we believe that in this, as in many other things, the data will silence them."

The television space denied information that from Miami, sought to discredit the national pediatric vaccination campaign in which Cuba is a leader at the international level.

It’s not a new plan, many communication specialists agree that fake news and the misrepresentation of reality, especially on internet are tools of subversion against the Cuban government.

Official sources show that the mass vaccination against Covid-19 of children between ages 12-18 with the Cuban immunogenic vaccine Soberana-02 began this week in Cuba and will last until next November.

According to the island's Minister of Health, José Ángel Portal, the decision is based on the results of clinical trials that in the pediatric population were higher, in all immunological variables, compared to adults.

Recently, U.S. President Joe Biden also discredited the ability of the national system to cope with the challenges of the pandemic and referred to the island as a 'failed state'.

In response, Cuban scientists wrote a letter to the U.S. president where they denied these assumptions and quoted arguments supported by international organizations.

Island experts qualified as puzzling the White House's claims, and wonder “why, with so many real Covid catastrophes in the Western Hemisphere, only Cuba is labeled a failed state.”

According to the letter, what makes the island unique "is the need to manage the epidemic under a crippling financial, commercial, and economic blockade imposed by the United States government over the last six decades."

In the letter, the specialists ponder the progress of immunization in the country and the effectiveness of national vaccines.

In fact, the nation currently exceeds 50% of its population with at least one injection administered, of the three doses that complete the procedure.

The website Our World in Data, of the University of Oxford, reflects these and other statistics related to the rapid vaccination process in Cuba.

Lastly, in their letter to Biden, the Cuban specialists invited the United States not to ignore the facts and to work together to face the new challenges.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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