Uruguayan people welcome election victory in Cuba despite blockade

Uruguayan people welcome election victory in Cuba despite blockade
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29 March 2023
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The Uruguayan Movement of Solidarity with Cuba and the countries of the World, on Wednesday, congratulated the Cuban people for the results of the legislative elections that took place in the Caribbean nation on Sunday.

In a press release, the Movement stated that this democratic exercise was a new demonstration of sovereign resistance and the new legislature was elected as a worthy representative of Cuba and its people.

This democratic party took place in peace, the statement noted about the election of lawmakers to the Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power.

Seventy-six percent of the population aged 16 and older cast their vote in these elections, and more than 90 percent bet for the new legislature, which in Cuba also implies a tacit support to the revolutionary and sovereign process, the text states.

The elections took place amid the US harassment and its blockade policy, which characterizes the economic and social situation of that nation.

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