Uncontrolled weight loss can lead to health problems

Uncontrolled weight loss can lead to health problems
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28 July 2022
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Summer is here and there are many people, especially women, who want to show off a flat stomach and a body with adequate proportions on the beach; and it is not that it is reprehensible to raise self-esteem in this way, but it is worth warning that diets to lose weight abruptly can lead to health problems.

Experts warn that losing more than five kilograms a month is harmful, except in those individuals who have a lot of body weight and are subject to a rigorous diet and exercises properly guided, but if this is not the case, it is convenient to visit the doctor to know the causes of this loss.

Some people run risks motivated by their obsession to have a slim figure, and according to specialists, they can suffer from anemia as well as an increase in bad cholesterol when they go on fast diets that recommend the intake of saturated fats.

Losing weight quickly can lead to hypoglycemia, dehydration, chronic fatigue and even weakness of bones, joints and damage to muscle and lean tissue.

Therefore, the recommendation is to reduce body weight gradually, without exceeding the figure of half a kilogram to one kilogram per week.

If you lose weight abruptly, you will also lose muscle mass, which helps burn calories, but if you lose it in an uncontrolled manner, it will stop performing this function and will stagnate, having the opposite effect, running not only the risk of regaining the kilograms, but even surpassing them.

The dietary menu should be combined with the practice of physical exercise for 30 minutes daily about three times a week.

It is convenient to have a diet that includes from fats, preferably of vegetable origin, to the intake of carbohydrates and proteins, without forgetting to include fruits and vegetables.

Regaining weight again may be due to the abandonment of diet and physical exercise when the desired kilograms have already been lost, because then many individuals resume old eating habits, which make them put on weight, and also assume a sedentary life, with an intake of calories that they do not burn.

According to experts, it is important to avoid regaining the weight lost in a short time, as sometimes it can be up to 20 % compared to what they weighed before dieting.

And there are some who recommend writing down what you eat, it doesn't have to be super accurate, but writing down helps more or less to know what you have eaten during the day and to control yourself.

To that you can add healthy exercise, either climbing stairs, doing some sport, walking outdoors, or walking a good stretch when you go to work.

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