Two US military caravans attacked in Iraq

Two US military caravans attacked in Iraq
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3 May 2021
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Baghdad, May 3 (Prensa Latina) Security sources in Iraq confirmed two attacks against two US military caravans in the provinces of Babylon, and Muthana.
According to the official report two IEDs were detonated on Sunday in an attack against trucks loaded with supplies for the international coalition led by the United States.

Until now, no group or individual claimed responsibility for said attacks, which did not cause victims or material damage.

US interests in Iraq have been subjected to similar attacks in recent months as an expression of a majority rejection to the presence of foreign troops.

The Iraqi Resistance considers these forces occupiers, especially after Parliament passed a resolution for their withdrawal, in response to US violations of national sovereignty.

The military contingent was conducting a mission to support the fight against the terrorist group Islamic State at the request of the Iraqi government, but its operations disrespect local laws.

Baghdad and Washington agreed in recent talks on the departure of those troops, but did not set a date.

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