Transition process begins in Argentina with Milei’s victory

Transition process begins in Argentina with Milei’s victory
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20 November 2023
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A transition process begins in Argentina after the second round of the general elections, before which President Alberto Fernández urged to act in an orderly and responsible manner.

The leader of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, reached 14,473,340 votes (55.69 percent) in Sunday’s elections, while the representative of Unión por la Patria (UP), Sergio Massa, obtained the support of 11,513,116 citizens (44.30), after 99.25 percent of the voting tables were finished being counted.

The President highlighted the participation in the elections of over 35 million citizens, and noted that the people expressed their will. “Millions turned out to vote and defined the destiny of the country for the next four years. I am a man of democracy and I value nothing more than the popular verdict,” Fernández wrote on his social media profile. “I am confident that we can begin working with Milei to ensure an orderly transition,” he added.

In turn, Massa reported that he congratulated his opponent and pointed out that “it was a very long, difficult campaign and that at some point it had harsh overtones that I hope will be abandoned forever”. He also indicated that he raised with Milei and Fernández the need to implement liaison and transition mechanisms for democratic replacement so that Argentines may not have doubts or uncertainties regarding the normal economic, social, political and institutional functioning in the coming days.

“The citizens chose another path and the responsibility of providing certainty and guarantees about the functioning of the country falls to the new president. We hope he does so,” he stated. “This day confirms that Argentina has a strong, solid, transparent democratic system that always respects the results. These are not the numbers we expected. A stage in my political life ends, but know that you will always count on me to defend work, education public, national industry and federalism,” he said. “Coexistence, dialogue and respect for peace are the best path against violence and disqualification,” he added.

The former candidate for the Left Front, Myriam Bregman, assured that they will confront Milei’s actions with mobilizations. “He arrives without governors or parliamentary majorities and with broad sectors against his policies and those of his vice president (Victoria Villarruel). We will be in the streets in the face of each attack because his freedom is that of unlimited exploitation,” she commented.

The leader of Frente Patria Grande, Juan Grabois, urged them to face adversity with fortitude, sustain the organization with wisdom and firmly maintain their convictions. “Stronger than ever, with the Constitution in our hands and the people in our hearts, we are going to come back much better. Nobody here is giving up, if we are faced with persecution, it will be the forge of the future. Long live the dream of a just, free and sovereign country with land, shelter and work for everyone,” he asserted.

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