Telesur's work for 15 years highlighted in Nicaragua

Telesur's work for 15 years highlighted in Nicaragua
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23 July 2020
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Managua, Jul 23 (Prensa Latina) The Telesur multinational TV station will celebrate its 15th anniversary on Friday, while it maintains the major mission of defending the truth of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples, a Nicaraguan journalist said on Thursday.

In the editorial that opens the Detalles del Momento TV program, journalist Moises Absalon Pastora recalled that the project was an initiative from Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

The two left-wing leaders saw the need for the region to have a communication instrument that could refute the pretention of 'the United States to impose the manipulated and distorted truth, which is dictated from the White House, against our peoples' interests.

Absalon Pastora noted the thinking of Fidel and Chavez, who were committed to the notion that Latin America cannot be the backyard of the US and 'proceeded with the birth 15 years ago of Telesur, which came as a big project to stay'.

The public communication platform, based in Caracas, Venezuela, does not conceptualize information as a business but as the peoples' right, he pointed out.

The Nicaraguan journalist described Telesur as a world reference, because it is a source of news, and underlined the importance of having an anti-hegemonic editorial line.

Telesur is at the crosshair of the White House, which does not cease to limit its broadcasts, because lying, overthrowing indocile governments through coups d'état, implementing policies of harassment, isolation or sanctions, is no longer as easy as before, the journalist noted.

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