Talks About my Pregnancy: Caring Everything Will Be Fine

Talks About my Pregnancy: Caring Everything Will Be Fine
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27 August 2023
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My pregnancy ended almost a year ago, my baby celebrates its first birthday this month and I keep telling is that having him is an achievement, in fact, for some couples reaching fertilization is almost a miracle of nature, and even of science as well .

There are many weeks of uncertainty about the correct formation of the fetus, if its organs develop well. In the genetic consultation and with the ultrasounds, it’s a question of doing an in-depth follow-up throughout the nine months.

Each test has its time because in specific weeks it’s possible to observe the development of the heart, the eyes, the nasal bone, each element has its order and it’s vitally important to verify that everything is doing well.

The family doctor next to the gynecologist and the ultrasound technician are in charge of scheduling each appointment. Urinalysis to confirm urinary system infection is constant.

Pregnant women are at greater risk of developing a urine infection due to the short urethra and the anatomical changes that occur in the urinary system. To avoid this problem, it’s best to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet.

Pregnancy is the period where you should eat as healthy as possible. Protein is not everything, fruits and vegetables are ideal for they provide vitamins and minerals. Dairy products and beans are also necessary, all must be balanced.

Physical exercise must be moderate which allows the pregnant woman to maintain, in addition to good health, a physical state capable of supporting the weight of the belly, the intensity of labor, as well as the post-delivery period.

Specialists recommend leading a life with less stress, something that’s not so easy to achieve in modern life, with its challenges and crises, although at least during these months sleeplessness should be put aside because its solution is unavailable.

As anyone can take a series of measures so that everything goes well, there are risks that can’t be escaped and their care is inevitable in a hospital. My advice is not to hide in the house and go where they can best take care of you.

Pregnancy is a mystery and the concern on whether it’s okay does not go away until he is in your arms and the neonatologist confirms his good health. Presenting risks is not the end of the world, I had several, and today my baby and I are healthy thanks to the Cuban health system and its professionals.

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Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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