Syria presents evidence that US supports terrorism

Syria presents evidence that US supports terrorism
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11 June 2021
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Damascus, Jun 11 (Prensa Latina) The Syrian Military Attorney's Office on Friday presented irrefutable evidence demonstrating that the United States supports terrorist groups, including those on the list of the international territory, with the aim of destabilizing the country.
The evidence was produced during a televised press briefing by the spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office, who stressed that they were collected during the last few years after a careful process of recognition and investigations conducted by the Syrian Army.

The spokesman confirmed the existence of conclusive evidence that the United States selected large numbers of terrorists, some from the Islamic State (Daesh, in Arabic), and transferred them to its military base in the Al Tanf region bordering Jordan.

Those extremists are receiving an intensive military training that generally lasts three weeks and are supervised by US specialists, so that they can commit acts of sabotage and terrorist attacks, using modern military equipment and reconnaissance methods, the official said.

What was presented on Friday is a small sample of many conclusive evidence we have, which would allow us to present proven accusations against Washington about its role in the preparation and conduction of terrorist operations against a sovereign State and a member of the United Nations, the Attorney's Office stressed.

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