Sri Lanka rejects inclusion of Cuba on list of terrorist states

Sri Lanka rejects inclusion of Cuba on list of terrorist states
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23 May 2024
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The Joint Committee of Democratic Unions of Sri Lanka confirmed its support for Cuba's declaration demanding its fair elimination from the list of states sponsors of terrorism created by the United States.


The organization confirmed in a statement that adding Cuba to the arbitrary list has political purposes and causes serious economic problems for the Cuban people, despite which Cuba resists and is an example for the people who fight against imperialism.

The Committee agreed with the Cuban Foreign Ministry that it is not enough for the United States to recognize Cuba’s full collaboration in the fight against terrorism; they must go further and remove Cuba from the unjust list.

In recent days, various Sri Lankan organizations joined the global demand against the aggressive policy of the United States against Cuba and demanded the removal of Cuba from the unjust list once and for all.

The Left Democratic Front of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Association also urged the current US government to eliminate the inhumane measures it maintains against Cuba, of proven international rejection.

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