Russia reaffirms that the fight against poverty is absolute priority

Russia reaffirms that the fight against poverty is absolute priority
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25 February 2021
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Moscow, Feb 25 (Prensa Latina) The spokesman of the Presidency of the Russian Federation, Dmitri Peskov, said today that the fight against poverty in the country is the government's absolute priority.
He stressed that the issue is included in all national development plans and in every message of President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly, the highest bicameral body of the legislative power in Russia.

The Kremlin spokesman pointed out that 'not everything goes well', but assured that 'nobody plans to throw in the towel'.

According to October statements by Russian Labor Minister Anton Kotiakov, nearly 20 million people, about 13.5 percent of the country's population, fall into the category of the poor, the Sputnik news agency reported.

In December, President Putin set a goal of reducing this figure to 6.5 percent by 2030.

Peskov highlighted China's achievements in the fight against poverty and its steady progress on the path of development, despite the difficulties related to Covid-19.

The Russian presidential spokesman's words were associated with the announcement by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who on Thursday claimed that his country eradicated extreme poverty.

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