Russia condemns European efforts to manipulate its elections

Russia condemns European efforts to manipulate its elections
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16 September 2021
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Moscow, Sep 16 (Prensa Latina) Russia condemned the efforts by the European Parliament (EP) to manipulate public opinion prior to the elections to the State Duma (Lower House of Parliament), Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated on Thursday.
According to the representative of Russia's Foreign Ministry, efforts to distort the results of the voting that will begin on Friday in Russia lead to the final discrediting of the European Parliament as a representative body of the European Union (EU).

For Zakharova, 'it is obvious' that the EU bloc's legislature intends to draw conclusions about the Russian elections from the opinion of organizations that gave up the possibility of participating as observers of the process.

'We will firmly reject unacceptable interference in Russia's domestic democratic processes,' she said.

Local media reported on Thursday that the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament urged the EU to prepare to not recognize the results of the elections of legislators to the Russian Lower House, if the bloc considers that international standards were violated.

From Friday, at 8:00 hours, local time, until Sunday, at 20:00 hours, local time, polling stations will be open all over Russia, where citizens will be able to vote for representatives of 14 parties to elect 450 parliamentarians of the State Duma.

Governors from 12 regions and lawmakers from the legislative bodies of the State power in 39 territories will be elected as well.

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