President Maduro Calls to Expand Venezuelan Export Capacity

President Maduro Calls to Expand Venezuelan Export Capacity
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29 September 2022
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“Venezuela has exports that we want to place at a good price in the South American markets”, he pointed out.

On Wednesday, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro called to strengthen the country's export vocation towards Colombia and other Latin American nations.


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"We have just opened the border with Colombia for trade... We will have good surprises in the weeks to come and the time will come when we have the border totally open," he said at the installation of the the 2022-2023 School Fair Expo.

"We are going towards the total opening of the border step by step... that is the agreement that we have reached with Colombian President Gustavo Petro," Maduro added.

On Monday, Venezuela and Colombia reopened their land border to strengthen their relations of brotherhood and bilateral cooperation. In the workshops with Colombian officials, the Bolivarian government has disclosed the range of products and services that its country can place in international markets.

“With the border opening, Venezuela is different. It has exports that we want to place at a good price in the Colombian and South American markets”, Maduro pointed out.

In order to take advantage of the new trade opportunities, the Venezuelan president asked his country's businessmen to allocate a percentage of their output to international markets.

"With the support of the Bank of Venezuela, the Finance Ministry and other institutions, we are building the route so that all industries can export 20 or 30 percent of their products," he said.

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