Posthumous tribute paid to Alicia Alonso

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Posthumous tribute paid to Alicia Alonso
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18 October 2020
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Personalities from the world of culture, colleagues and members of the National Ballet of Cuba paid tribute Saturday in Havana to Alicia Alonso, on the first anniversary of her death.
The Honorable President of the National Union of Writers and Artists, Miguel Barnet, pronounced the words of remembrance during the ceremony, which took place at the Colon Cemetery where the remains of the greatest figure of dance in Cuba rest.

"Alicia had the ability of going beyond the realm of reality to place herself in that of unreality. Having become a legend like Giselle, she is now more alive than ever.  She has moved on, only temporarily," said the Cuban intellectual.

Miguel Barnet stressed that everything in her eclipses death.  "Alicia is life, and not even in the beautiful statue in the theater that bears her name, there is death.  She embodied the principle of dance, which is none other than that of an ascending spiral."

About the founder of the Cuban School of Ballet, the writer and ethnologist stressed: "She is the ethereal muse that subjugates us, the Cuban who, by dancing to Cuba, touched the edges of the universe and delivered the spell of her island to the world.  She is here with us, closer than ever."

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