Popular support stands out in Chaves’s first 100 days in office

Popular support stands out in Chaves’s first 100 days in office
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15 August 2022
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San Jose, Aug 15 (Prensa Latina) In the first 100 days in power of President Rodrigo Chaves, popular support for his administration stands out on Monday, qualified as very good or good by 70 percent of Costa Rican citizens.

According to a poll conducted by the Development Observatory Research Center of the University of Costa Rica (UCR), to 518 people between July 11 and 20, 70 percent approved Chaves’ work, 21 percent considered it regular and only seven percent have a negative opinion.

The study, a part of a research oriented to a documentary on the political events derived from the recent elections and the 100 days of Chaves’ Government, shows that 69 percent of those polled consider that he fulfilled what he promised in the electoral campaign, with emphasis on the fight against corruption.

On the other side, a 36 percent of those interviewed responded that the Costa Rican president has not fulfilled his promise to lower taxes, and 34 percent mentioned the impossibility of reducing the cost of the basic food basket.

The UCR poll states that the popular perceptions are favorable (good or very good) in all territories and segments of the population, with a slight superiority among men and special support from Alajuela province, which gives Chaves an approval of 83.4 percent, followed by Cartago (73.6 percent) and Puntarenas (72.4 percent).

Questioned about Chaves’ work on the economic situation, 51 percent have a good opinion, while about his worst decisions, 30 percent said none, 33 percent do not know and 17.2 indicated the handling of the still active Covid-19 pandemic.

Finally, three out of four polled said that the Chaves’ administration will finish its term in 2026 with a good performance.


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