Polls in Chile predict Gabriel Boric’s victory

Polls in Chile predict Gabriel Boric’s victory
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1 December 2021
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Santiago de Chile, Dec 1 (Prensa Latina) The leftist candidate for the Chilean presidency, Gabriel Boric, will prevail in the December 19th elections against the far-right José Antonio Kast, according to a new poll.

The Tú Influyes social research and survey agency conducted the poll in 213 communes, finding that if the elections were on Sunday, Boric would obtain 54 percent of the votes, against 41 for Kast.

For the interviewees, Boric, of the Approve Dignity coalition, is conducting a better campaign than the candidate of the Christian Social Front.

The publication of the poll brings the total of studies to four, all of which coincide in the possible triumph of Boric.

The Pulso Ciudadano (“Citizen pulse”) sample, run by the Activa Research firm, indicates that Boric would obtain 40.4 percent of the votes, compared to 24.5 for Kast.

Other surveys carried out by the Cadem center and the Black and White specialized company also place Boric at the head at the elections.

In the opinion of the sociologist and director of the Tú Influyes agency, Axel Callís, the important thing, beyond the figures, is that the trend has been maintained with four polls that show the deputy as the winner.

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