Over 140 ships and 60 planes to take part in Russian Navy drills

Over 140 ships and 60 planes to take part in Russian Navy drills
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20 January 2022
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Moscow, Jan 20 (Prensa Latina) The Navy of Russia will carry out naval maneuvers with over 140 ships, 60 airplanes, 1,000 units and 10,000 troops, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday.

According to the training plan of Russia’s Armed Forces for 2022, a number of drills in every area of the different fleets will be carried out between January and February, under the general supervision of the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov.

According to the statement, the main goal of the drills is to determine the level of actions by the Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces to protect national interests in the ocean and counteract sea military threats.

It indicated that the maneuvers will cover the waters of seas adjacent to Russian territory and areas of important operations of different oceans.

In this regard, separate drills will be carried out in the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea and Ojotsk Sea , in the northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pacific Ocean.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also reported that Russia, along with China and Iran, has been participating in the CHIRU 2022 naval maneuvers, in the Gulf of Oman and its air space, since Jan 18 through 22.

The Russian detachment is composed of ships of the Pacific Fleet, the Variag guided-missile cruiser, the Admiral Tributs anti-submarine ship and the Boris Butoma tanker.

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