An out-of-this-world man

An out-of-this-world man
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2 September 2022
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Facing vast rivers and deserts, running hundreds of miles at the North Pole, swimming in the turbulent waters of the Bermuda Triangle, diving among sharks, climbing the most hostile peaks are some of the most common challenges carried out by Spanish Rubén López, record holder in extreme sports. Nowadays, he is planning a new challenge in Cuba.


Talking exclusively with the CAN, López gave some details about his next challenge, which consists of a non-stop pedaling for 80 hours in an exercise bike, an attempt that would break the former record of 60 hours achieved last February. This would be his 16 challenge in six years.


From February 17-20, López traveled the equivalent of 2,177 km in an exercise bicycle in Mexico City, a success with which he gathered 15 tons of food for vulnerable families.


Previously, he had carried out “solidarity challenges” in Costa Rica and Honduras, a personal initiative that has taken the also businessman to disadvantaged regions of Africa, in a project of donations of medicines, vaccines, food, and books.


“Solidarity is needed wherever you go, beyond material deprivations. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world, in many developed countries people who had a house and a car are now queuing at a food bank," said López.


Regarding his colossal endeavor in Cuba, he pointed out that he will pedal at an average speed of 45-47 kilometers per hour, in an emblematic spot in Havana, where he will have other bicycles by his side so that people can exercise and share the experience for a few minutes.


“You have to do everything: swimming, diving surrounded by sharks, rowing…I am quite looking forward to it,” López said excited. He is a fan of this people and its sports talents.


“When you take on such an extreme challenge like rowing for six days in a row in the Amazon, everything is unknown to you. You may believe everything is under control, but the slightest mistake, an open wound, humidity, may blow all away and you suffer to complete your mission,” he said.


“Then, you are tired, hungry, feel cold, sleepy, and think about quitting…Sometimes I think I am a man from another planet,” he says with a smile.


The motto of this Spanish is to making the impossible something similar to routine. He boasts, among his achievements, three climbing to Kilimanjaro in five days, a 250-km race at the North Pole and a 280-km race in the Atacama Desert, a 355-km rowing in five days in the Amazon and swam 20 km in the Bermuda Triangle, sport challenges ever achieved, while collecting over 100 tons of food for the most vulnerable people worldwide.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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