Opposition Drafted Disqualification Mechanism: President Maduro

Opposition Drafted Disqualification Mechanism: President Maduro
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30 January 2024
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On Monday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro revealed that the political opposition drafted the mechanism for reviewing political disqualifications established in the Barbados agreements.


Venezuela Rejects U.S. Announcement on Reviewing Sanctions

During the broadcast of the program "Con Maduro +," he commented that the proposal for resolving an internal conflict within the opposition was signed by the Venezuelan government but drafted by representatives of the opposition parties involved in the dialogues.

"They proposed that legal resources be sent to the Political Administrative Chamber for it to decide. Neither Jorge Rodríguez nor I proposed it," the Venezuelan president said, stressing that traditional political parties are trying to undermine their own proposals.

Maduro highlighted that the current disqualifications of opposition politicians are a response to serious crimes committed against the country, including their request for sanctions against the Bolivarian nation and the solicitation of military intervention in Venezuela.

������A combination of US aggression and Venezuelan opposition incompetence/collusion has doomed the Caribbean nation’s most valued foreign asset: CITGO. This infographic retraces the recent history of Venezuela’s US-based refiner got to this point and the present stakes (thread) pic.twitter.com/80Z5PlfvvY

— Venezuelanalysis (@venanalysis) January 28, 2024

He also reaffirmed that presidential elections will be held in 2024 despite conspiracies from right-wing sectors, adding that his government continues to advocate for a peace dialogue despite destabilization attempts.

"Neither the oligarchy nor surnames will determine Venezuela's democratic future. I can assure the Venezuelan people that no conspiracy will deprive them of the right to participate in the 2024 presidential elections," Maduro asserted.

Addressing the issue of the Essequibo, the Bolivarian leader stated that war is not an alternative and emphasized that the United States and the United Kingdom are the ones seeking a war between Guyana and Venezuela.

Maduro reiterated that Venezuela advocates for diplomatic peace. Therefore, his administration will work to have the claim to the territory of the Essequibo accepted.

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