OECD warns about insufficient public development assistance

OECD warns about insufficient public development assistance
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14 April 2021
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Paris, Apr 14 (Presa Latina) The 161 billion dollars allocated in 2020 to public development assistance accounts for just 1 percent of the economic relief in force worldwide, an international institution said on Wednesday.
Such an economic relief reached a record level last year due to special allocations to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, but it is still not enough, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reported.

The amount represents 3.5 percent more than what was previously allocated in 2019, and was the highest level ever recorded, of which 12 billion dollars went to issues related to the pandemic.

'Short-term aid to fight the Covid-19 crisis has focused on health systems, humanitarian assistance and food security,' the OECD said.

OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria said that 'on a global scale, governments have implemented recovery measures related to Covid-19 that are equivalent to 16 trillion dollars and we have used only 1 percent of this amount to help developing countries face an unprecedented crisis to the current generations'.

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