Nine new COVID-19 cases in Cuba, all related to foreign travel

Nine new COVID-19 cases in Cuba, all related to foreign travel
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25 March 2020
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Cuba confirmed on Wednesday 9 additional cases of COVID-19, bringing to 57 the total of patients who have tested positive on the island.

During the daily briefing by the Ministry of Public Health on the domestic situation on the coronavirus epidemic, Dr. Francisco Duran, Head of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Public Health said that all new cases are related to travelers entering the country.

One patient earlier reported as critical, a 71-year old Italian is now stable. And as announced on Tuesday, one has recovered.

There are 54 confirmed cases in hospitals, some 1,500 hospitalized under observation, and 36,526 people being followed up by primary care surveillance.

After the enforcement on Tuesday of the strict acceptance of national and foreign residents of the island, Duran informed that 854 people were welcomed and transferred to quarantine isolation centers.

Meanwhile, tourists continue leaving the country. On Tuesday, 7,354 visitors left, with some 30,000 visitors still on the island. According to announced measures, they are all supposed to leave the country by the end of the month.


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