Nicaragua's analysts highlight possibility of Cuban vaccines

Nicaragua's analysts highlight possibility of Cuban vaccines
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6 April 2021
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Managua, Apr 6 (Prensa Latina) The possibilities of administering Cuban vaccine candidates against Covid-19 for Latin American countries were highlighted on Tuesday in Nicaragua by a panel of communicators on local Canal Cuatro.
That a small, blockaded and attacked nation like Cuba has the capacity to develop its own vaccine candidates against Covid-19 in the midst of the United States economic blockade; that is a lesson in its capacity for resistance and as a healthcare power, an it must be acknowledged, Adolfo Pastran, director of the Informe Pastran newsletter, stated.

Cuban biotechnological industry is developing five vaccine candidates, of which Soberana 02 and Abdala are in Phase III of clinical trials, a stage prior to their approval.

The moderator of the programme, Alberto Mora, acknowledged the scientific research capacity of Cuba 'which has always been exemplary'.

He recalled that few laboratories in the world have been able to develop an immunogen against the disease that is causing the current global health crisis. What would that country be without the US blockade economic blockade against it for the last 60 years? Journalist Tirsa Saenz wondered.

A very encouraging news for Latin America, which we must keep an eye on those Phase III Cuban vaccines, having a positive opinion from the World Health Organization, the journalist noted.

It brings lots of hope for Latin America, even yesterday the governments of Argentina and Cuba established collaboration for the acquisition of the vaccine by the former.

Referring to this negotiation, Saenz insisted that it will not have to do with market issues.

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