National Theater Award for Raquel Carrió

National Theater Award for Raquel Carrió
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27 January 2024
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The teacher and playwright Raquel Carrió (Havana, 1951), advisor to Teatro Buendía and professor at the University of the Arts, won the National Theater Award this Monday, in recognition of her extraordinary contributions to teaching and the national stage.

Carrió is a Full Professor of Dramaturgy and Theater Research Methodology and founder of ISA School of Performing Arts.

Her studies and essays on several groups, creators, and trends in Cuban theater are among the pillars of the theory of that art in Cuba and Latin America.

With Teatro Buendía, a company she founded next to fellow National Theater Award winner Flora Lauten has consolidated one of the most accomplished and unique poetics of the performing arts in Cuba.

The jury for the National Theater Award was made up of actress and director Fátima De La Caridad Patterson, the actor Carlos Pérez Peña, the director Carlos Díaz, the actor and director Kike Quiñones and the critic Omar Valiño.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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