National Electoral Council reported on the development of dynamic test in Cuba

National Electoral Council reported on the development of dynamic test in Cuba
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21 November 2022
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Havana, November 20 (RHC)-- The president of the National Electoral Council -CNE-, Alina Balseiro, referred this Sunday to the development of the dynamic test in the 23,480 schools in Cuba, prior to the selection of delegates to the Municipal Assembly of People's Power.

From her profile on the social network Twitter, the official informed that this exercise will contribute to the identification of the existing problems and will guarantee the successful realization of the electoral day, organized for November 27.

Previously, Balseiro highlighted on that social network the commitment and dedication of the young university students in their role as supervisors of the elections and the training of the more than 180 thousand electoral authorities involved in the process.

During the dynamic test, the participants will check the communication and transportation mechanisms and will examine the existence of the patriotic symbols in the places chosen for the suffrage of the citizen representatives and the general conditions of each school.

In this opportunity, 26,746 Cubans were nominated for delegates, after the completion of 44,929 nomination assemblies where more than six million voters took part, according to data provided by the CNE.

The entity also informed that, in this suffrage, projected in the island every five years, more than 1,400 supervisors, around 24,000 collaborators and support personnel, and 22,205 young people will exercise their right to vote for the first time. (Source: Prensa Latina).

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