More Cubans access the Internet via mobile networks

More Cubans access the Internet via mobile networks
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15 September 2020
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Havana, September 15 (RHC) At present, some 3.7 million users access the Internet in Cuba through the mobile network. There are also almost 1,600 Wi-Fi areas and 1.7 million permanent Nauta accounts, states an article on the computerization of society published this Tuesday in the Granma newspaper.

In statements to the media, Ernesto Rodríguez Hernández, deputy head of the Ministry of Communications, described the legal bases of computerization in Cuban society, the search by Cuban institutions for technological sustainability and sovereignty.

Rodríguez Hernández pointed out that the National Informatization Program has 22 projects, which seek the creation of technological infrastructure and the development of digital contents and services.

This program includes e-government and e-commerce, cybersecurity, computerization of public registries, online services and procedures, development of national payment gateways, and ICTs to increase yields in agriculture, among other projects.

The Deputy Minister of Communications referred to the development of open-source platforms and national computer applications such as Transransfermóvil, EnZona, DóndeHay, Tuenvío, among others, which illustrate the capacity and strength of the human resources trained by the Revolution, to support the sustainability and sovereignty of the computerization process, promoting the preservation of the nation's culture and values.

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