MGM Muthu Hotels international chain strengthens its presence in Jardines del Rey

MGM Muthu Hotels international chain strengthens its presence in Jardines del Rey
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3 December 2022
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With the establishment of a contract with Cubanacan Hotel Group (GHC) for the management of the Colonial Cayo Coco facility, the international chain MGM Muthu Hotels, from India, strengthens its presence in Jardines del Rey, where it already operates three other hotels.

That foreign company has management agreements in the tourist destination north of Ciego de Avila(central Cuba), with the Grand Muthu Cayo Guillermo, Imperial and Rainbow hotels, belonging to the Gaviota Tourism Group and with five-star category.

In that destination, Muthu Colonial Cayo Coco, belonging to GHC, will have the particularity of being the first one with a Four-Star category and attached to an entity subordinated to the Ministry of Tourism.

Rodolfo Martinez Chavez, director of the so-called Jardines del Rey's flagship hotel, pointed out that the negotiations will become effective as of next January, although the foreign company is already commercializing the Colonial, after including it in its catalog.

He assured that the integration of this foreign company will bring advantages for the commercialization, taking into account its influence in the tourism industry at a global level, since it has a strong market and connections with renowned tour operators and travel agencies, which will have an impact on the increase in the number of visitors.

This hotel is inspired by Cuba's history, with colonial elements in the unique architecture of its buildings, cobblestone streets and small squares that allow visitors to go back in time to a colonial-style past.

It is made up of 23 construction modules, with 458 rooms offering ocean views, swimming pools and gardens, set in a charming village atmosphere, with colorful patios and paths leading to the restaurants, recreational areas and rooms.

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