Mexican President avoids taking a stance on US events

Mexican President avoids taking a stance on US events
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7 January 2021
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Mexico, Jan 7 (Prensa Latina) Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Thursday avoided taking a stance on the events that occurred in the United States regarding the Capitol occupation by Donald Trump's followers, and invoked constitutional precepts.
At his morning conference at the National Palace, that was the first question he was asked by journalists, and he replied with his well-known rhetoric on what the Constitution of the Republic stipulates on international relations when it comes to its neighboring country.

Lopez Obrador replied that everybody knows what happened yesterday at the Capitol. We have always respected other countries' internal policy, as stated in the Constitution. Non-interference and respect for peoples' self-determination are Mexico's foreign policy principles.

Of course, he said, the loss of human lives is always very regrettable. Regarding this, we must say that we have always encouraged all conflicts to be resolved through dialogue and peaceful channels.

He reiterated that the Mexican Constitution stipulates the peaceful solution of international conflicts, and the same should go for internal ones.

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