Mercenaries cannot speak on behalf of Cuba

Mercenaries cannot speak on behalf of Cuba
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26 February 2021
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Paris, Feb 26 (Prensa Latina) The Coordinator of Cuban Residents in France on Friday affirmed that no mercenary can usurp the right to speak on behalf of the island and its people, referring to the anti-Cuban show organized on Friday.
In a statement entitled 'Not on my behalf!,' she described as illegitimate the use by some people of the visibility provided by communication monopolies and transnationals 'to kneel at the service of Cuba's enemies and of the Revolution that we defend.'

A couple of right-wing members of the European Parliament today invited Cuban counter-revolutionaries to a virtual forum in order to attack Cuba, an event promoted as if it were an official meeting of the European Parliament, which is made up of 705 members.

Their voice will never be our people's, nor their aspirations will be akin to the island's unalienable right to safeguard the path chosen by all men and women of the nation, the Coordinator underscored regarding the forum that has the song 'Patria y Vida' (Homeland and Life) as a spearhead, with which its singers are trying to distort the historic slogan 'Patria o Muerte' (Homeland or Death).

In this regard, it reiterated that the slogan of dignified Cubans is 'Patria o Muerte,' a decision it deemed unwaiverable.

They do not represent us. We do not feel identified with them, nor they do with our values, stressed Cuban residents in France, who revealed in this text the nature of the mercenaries willing to being used against their country of birth.

We repudiate the paid annexationists that burn Jose Marti's images and sully the flag, and those who, using art as an excuse or showcasing their criminal record, seek to erase the honor and blood of the martyrs of the homeland, which we have built on the ruins of colonialism and neocolonialism, they asserted.

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