Matanzas’ tech facility contributes to maintaining metal structures

Matanzas’ tech facility contributes to maintaining metal structures
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16 May 2023
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Matanzas, Cuba, May 16 (Prensa Latina) The Center of Anticorrosives and Surfactants of the University of Matanzas (UM) turns out one of the foremost in Cuba for the maintenance of metallic structures.

According to the site, the facility has supplies to combat corrosion on various metal surfaces, providing a wide range of products used in several companies in the country.

The dissolution of phosphates for cleaning steel affected by corrosion is among the leading products since in Cuba most of the equipment and structures are located in coastal areas, which are impacted by sea spray, the site expert explains.

The director of the entity, Harold Garcia, pointed out that among the sectors that demand more services in the province are the construction one because of the constant handling of steel, the transportation sector with sheet metal maintenance and the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Power Plant with regard to fuel commerce.

Garcia pointed out that other facilities such as the Caribbean Electrical Vehicles Company, settled in Havana, two entities located in the Mariel Special Development Zone and BrasCuba, a Cuban-Brazilian joint venture dedicated to the production of cigarettes of different brands, also maintain trade ties with the center.

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