Matanzas supertanker base on its way to recovery

Matanzas supertanker base on its way to recovery
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12 January 2023
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HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 12 (ACN) The actions undertaken at the Matanzas supertanker base after a fire broke out in its premises last August will make it possible to recover the lost storage capacity of 200,000 cubic meters within four years, according to the investment specialist Liber Sams Toledo, who said that the steps to restore the first of the four damaged tanks will begin this month.

A first stage includes the completion of interconnections with the docks, the construction of tanks and a new testing laboratory, the resizing of the electrical system, and the refurbishing of the maintenance workshops with new equipment, whereas the second stage of the work will start with the connection of the first tank following the demolition of the damaged structures and the clean-up of contaminated areas.

Among others, new measures include ensuring a distance of 110 meters between the tanks—four times greater than the previous one—and the electrical system will be underground. Moreover, the base will have more powerful foam cannons and new lodgings for firefighters, farther from the tanks.

Construction work is also under way on the outskirts of the city to build houses destined to local residents that lost theirs to the fire, with nine of those families scheduled to get their new homes before the end of January, and the rest in late March.

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