Loyalty Day is celebrated in Argentina

Loyalty Day is celebrated in Argentina
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17 October 2020
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Buenos Aires, Oct 17 (Prensa Latina) With a virtual event and other initiatives, several groups will endorse their support for the Argentine government today on Loyalty Day, which will become a message of unity of the Peronist political current.
Ten days after the first year of the electoral triumph of Alberto and Cristina Fernández and the Frente de Todos arm, amid demonstrations promoted by the opposition and certain sectors, political, social and union organizations called an act in tribute to former president Juan Domingo Perón (1895-1974).

To remember that historic day where a crowd of workers gathered in the emblematic Plaza de Mayo demanding the release of the then colonel, on the 75th anniversary of that October, vigils, virtual exhibitions will be held in various parts of the country and a march in a caravan of cars.

But the central act can be seen from page 75octubres.ar, where from 1:00 (local time), Internet users will participate in a virtual demonstration with the possibility of being located in different sectors of the Plaza de Mayo or the Obelisco, in the which are expected the speeches of the president and vice president.

According to the organizers, the meeting will be joined by more than a million participants in the virtual festivities.

'Raise the volume of the transmission and let's make the march sound in every part of the country. Record a video with the march sounding in your neighborhood and send it to us,' underlines in a message on Twitter the call, which asks Argentines to put, that hour, the famous Peronist hymn.

Turned Loyalty Day, Argentines remember that date every October 17 and reaffirm their commitment to the ideas of Perón and in these troubled times they call not to give up in the fight.

For Argentines, October 17, 1945, meant the beginning of a movement in force to this day, which embodied the need for change and incorporated the working class into the political life of the country.

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